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Next goes our homemade test of defragmentation speed. We created a very defragmented file system on a 32GB partition of a disk by loading it with music, video, games and applications. Then we saved a per-sector copy of it. Now we copy that partition to the disk we want to test. We run a script that evokes the integrated defragmenter of Windows 7 and marks the time of the beginning and end of the defragmentation process. For more information about this test, you can refer to this article.

We must remind you that defragmentation is useless and even harmful for solid state drives due to their operation principles. However, we use this test as it allows to benchmark their performance at a rather peculiar load that involves both reading and writing of small data blocks.

Caching rules. That’s why the Crucial C300 wins this test. With its not very high results in the random write test when processing small data blocks, it could only achieve this victory through advanced caching mechanisms. The RevoDrive looks expectedly excellent.

It is low-capacity SSDs that are inferior in this test. The test zone occupies a large part of their storage space, so they have less space for the free block pool. As a result, they have to sort data more when writing.

Performance in WinRAR

Now we are going to show you one more interesting test in which we use WinRAR version 3.91 to compress and then uncompress a 1.13GB folder with 8118 files in 671 subfolders. The files are documents and images in various formats. These operations are done on the tested drive. This test depends heavily on CPU performance, but the storage device affects its speed, too.

After being nothing but mediocre through most of our tests, the Colossus shows its good side here. The rest of the SSDs have very similar results, indicating that we are limited by the CPU performance. The Intel X25-V is the only drive to fall behind its opponents, although the same-capacity G.Skill is just as fast as its higher-capacity counterparts.

Most of the SSDs have similar results when unpacking the archive, too. We can only name the losers: the two low-capacity models, especially the X25-V, and the Crucial (with both interfaces).

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