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The Corsair Force GS is a second product representing a new modification of the second-generation SandForce platform. The SF-2281 controller can be combined with synchronous or asynchronous flash memory manufactured by Intel and Micron or with 32 nm flash from Toshiba, but the Force GS has a new design: 24 nm synchronous flash with Toggle Mode interface. The first SSD designed like that was the SanDisk Extreme but it had some firmware issues and we decided to wait for more products like that before we could form our opinion about them. Now that we’ve got two SSDs of this kind, their features have become more obvious.

First of all, we have to note that, despite the newer version of the reference firmware, the Force GS isn’t much different from the SanDisk Extreme in performance. The identical hardware design shows up in their test results.

Second, the use of 24 nm Toggle NAND flash on the SandForce platform doesn’t endow the resulting SSD with any new properties. The Force GS is actually very similar to conventional SSDs with ONFI memory such as Corsair Force GT, OCZ Vertex 3, Kingston HyperX 3K, etc. There are, of course, certain differences in certain scenarios, but the Force GS is indeed similar to the Force GT in performance, not only in the series name. Yes, the newer series is somewhat faster, but by a very narrow margin.

So, if you’re shopping for an SSD with SF-2281 controller and synchronous flash, you can base your choice on the price factor. Corsair’s Force GS products are somewhat more expensive than SSDs with flash memory from IMFT, but the pricing may change eventually, making the Force GS series a more attractive option.

Some time ago we started to fill in a summary table with test results of various SandForce-based SSDs. Now that there are other controllers available, we add them into that table as well. So, the updated table contains the basic hardware information about the tested SSDs and allows to quickly determine the general position of a particular model among its competitors in terms of relative performance.

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