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If you are choosing among SSDs based on the SandForce SF-2281/SF-2282 controller, you should consider not only its flash memory type but also its storage capacity as a performance-related factor. A larger-capacity SSD contains more flash devices, which enables interleaving, a technique that helps increase performance across different types of disk operations. The performance boost can be as high as 50% and more at sequential writing or random-address operations with a long queue depth. As a result, a 240GB SSD with slow asynchronous flash memory may turn out to be faster than a 120GB one with synchronous flash. If speed is your priority, you will have to buy a larger-capacity product.

Corsair is quite an attractive option. The company’s SSDs are just as good as other second-generation SandForce-based products. The Force GT 240GB is a fast version with 25nm synchronous flash. It is comparable to the Kingston HyperX or OCZ Vertex 3 series in performance. The Corsair Force 3 240GB, on its part, is a more affordable SSD with 25nm asynchronous flash and competes with the OCZ Agility 3 or Patriot Pyro. Corsair has the advantage of pricing, though. The company seems to be keeping track of the market situation and correcting the prices of its Force 3 and Force GT series to keep them among the most attractive options available.

So, the 240GB Force GT and Force 3 SSDs from Corsair we've tested today can be recommended for purchase if you don't mind the poor reputation of the SF-2281 controller. We guess the second-generation SandForce-based SSDs are far more mature and reliable products than the first batches, though. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty whereas the BSOD problems seem to have been solved by SandForce on the firmware level.

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