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Kingston HyperX SSD 240GB

Kingston took a long time to release its SATA 6 Gbit/s SSDs and finally came up with the HyperX series based on the SF-2281 controller. This is one of the most expensive SandForce-based product series available as Kingston asks about $2.0 for each gigabyte of its SSD storage.


What’s the reason for such ambitions? We don’t think it has anything to do with the pretty case with embossed letters and different materials. It can hardly be due to the accessories, even though Kingston offers more of them than any other maker: brackets for 2.5" to 3.5" conversion, a screwdriver, a container for using the SSD as an external USB disk, and Acronis software for cloning HDD data.

Of course, the main thing is concealed inside the SSD case but, unfortunately, we couldn’t take the drive apart due to its nonstandard screws. As far as we know, Kingston installs 25nm synchronous NAND flash from Intel with ONFI 2.2 interface. Each Intel 29F16B08CCME2 chip contains two semiconductor dies and has a capacity of 128 gigabits. Thus, the 240GB SSD has 16 such chips or 32 flash devices. The HyperX owes its high performance not only to the fast flash memory type but also to the fact that the eight-channel SF-2281 controller supports 4-way interleaving. That’s the reason why the Kingston HyperX can be viewed as one of the most technically advanced SandForce-based products.

The HyperX uses the reference SandForce 3.20 firmware.

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