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While benchmarking new Corsair SSDs from the Neutron GTX and Neutron series based on the previously unfamiliar LAMD LM87800 controller, we felt like driving a sports car in off-road racing. The new products have unprecedented hardware but cannot show its best in our specific test conditions. The LM87800 controller and its firmware are a very intellectual platform, perhaps the most intellectual among all other consumer-class SSDs available today. That’s why the Neutron GTX and Neutron can show record-breaking performance with long request queues, although their flash memory in not of any super-high-speed kind. However, the problem is that situations like that are not typical of desktop PCs. So, it turns out that LAMD and Corsair have come to desktop users with an enterprise-class SSD, which would be a better choice for servers. Will computer enthusiasts appreciate this? We guess they will and there are several reasons for that.

First, the desktop performance of Corsair’s Neutron GTX and Neutron SSDs is rather high. Although they aren’t indisputable leaders in most of our tests, they are pretty fast. For example, they are definitely faster than ordinary SSDs with SandForce controllers and synchronous flash memory.

Second, Corsair pursues attractive pricing policy. The ordinary Neutron will probably sell at the same affordable price as the OCZ Vertex 4, so a high price tag will only be affixed to the Neutron GTX. Considering that the two modifications are similar in performance, the junior Neutron will most likely offer very appealing price/performance ratio.

Third, the Neutron GTX and Neutron have a few indisputable competitive advantages: efficient garbage collection, excellent TRIM command implementation, and extended 5-way warranty.

And fourth, we are sure that firmware optimizations can help boost the performance of the new SSDs in typical desktop applications. Their controller just seems to be highly promising. Hopefully, the engineers will find a way to optimize it in the best possible way.

That said, we are confident that Corsair Neutron GTX and Corsair Neutron SSDs deserve our Ultimate Innovation award. These products are all about positive innovations:

Some time ago we started to fill in a summary table with the average test results of various SSDs. The updated table contains the basic hardware information about the tested SSDs and allows quickly determining the general position of a particular model among its competitors in terms of relative performance.

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