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The new SandForce controller and the Corsair Force drive based on it are a success. It offers high speed of processing files and has good performance at server loads, especially at really heavy loads. It would also be excellent as a disk for a home computer or workstation. We only wish it could deliver the specified speeds which are close to the limit of the SATA300 interface. The controller seems to be capable of that, the problem is in the firmware.

Corsair’s Indilinx-based Extreme series shows that their writing performance, both with sequential and random-address data, depends on the drive’s storage capacity. So, saving on the capacity also means that you save on performance. The Corsair Nova series is indeed somewhat slower than Extreme although has the typical advantages of the Indilinx controller. Considering the lower price and TRIM support, the Nova is an appealing option for wise users who want to find the most optimal price/performance ratio.

The Corsair Performance series has the following advantages: low price, good performance at low reads-only server loads (by SSDs’ standards; such loads would be too much for modern HDDs), rather fast processing of files, and low power consumption. This series is not good for writing. The inexplicable difference between the 128 and 256GB models of this series confuses us, too.

Finally, the Corsair Reactor series includes inexpensive SSDs for users who can’t afford (or just don’t need) the more expensive and advanced products. As opposed to SSDs with JMicron 602B controllers, the JM612-based models are not too bad at writing. They are as good as HDDs at that and much faster than HDDs at reading. Unfortunately, besides low performance, this series also has high power consumption. It needs about as much power as 2.5-inch HDDs, which is not what we might expect from an SSD.

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