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This review is written for those users who don’t want or can’t afford a DVD-recorder, but are not satisfied with their CD-ROM drive, either. The reliable and time-tested CD-ROM drive have been losing its ground lately to the more expensive DVD-ROM because the price gap between them is constantly diminishing, while DVD media are becoming widespread.

Two Korean giants, Samsung and LG, are antagonists in market, and now we can organize a mini-dual between two similar products from these two companies and determine the winner in this particular case.

Testing Participants

LG Electronics GDR-8163B

The “burl” in the center of the tray is a characteristic feature of LG’s optical drives. The tray also displays the name of the manufacturer and the symbol of the category this device belongs to. A round eject button and a LED indicator are located below the tray. The headphones socket is not present here. The printed grooves on the top panel of the drive add it more robustness. At the rear panel you find the following: power and interface connectors, digital and analog audio outputs, a jumper for choosing the device’s status on the IDE channel.



The GDR-8163B can read CDs at 52x speed and DVDs at 16x. The size of the cache buffer is 256KB. The declared access time is 98 milliseconds with CDs and 110 milliseconds with DVDs. The drive supports the E-IDE interface and the Ultra DMA Mode 2 data-transfer mode. The following media types are supported: DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, CD-R/RW, CD-ROM Mode 1,2, CD-DA, CD-I FMV, CD-ROM XA, Mixed CD, CD Extra, CD Plus, CD Text, Photo CD, Video CD. The dimensions of the device are 146x42x184.6mm; its weight is 0.75kg. The drive can be positioned vertically as well as horizontally.

The average retail price of the GDR-8163 is $25.

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