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Mitsumi DW-7801TE


The design of this model is rather standard. The front panel made of white plastic is covered with relief markings telling you the speed characteristics of the drive. There are also a rectangular eject button, headphones socket and volume control wheel next to it.

The cover has two printed grooves making the drive more robust to physical damage. Similar large grooves are made on the bottom part of the drive case. There are also a few tens of pretty big vent holes at the bottom of the drive. This is probably why there is no fan at the back side of the drive. This is the only eye catching peculiarity of the device. Other required things are all there: power and interface connectors, analog and digital audio outputs, a pin set with the jumper for drive positioning on the cable.

Mitsumi DW-7801TE, like all the other reviewed drives, supports the most widely-spread ATA/33 interface. It can burn DVD+R and DVD+RW discs at 4x and 2.4x speeds, respectively, and CD-R and CD-RW discs - at 16x and 10x. Read speeds are: 12x for DVD-ROM, 5x for DVD+R/+RW, 40x for CD-ROM/CD-R, 32x for CD-RW and Audio CDs in the DAE mode. Average random access time is 140ms for DVDs and 120ms for CDs. The buffer size is 2MB; the model supports buffer underrun protection technologies.

The drive from Mitsumi was the only one to come into our test lab in a retail box, although the package didn’t impress us at all: it was just a paper box. Still, its upper cover had a sticker leaflet listing the full characteristics of the model so that you know what you are going to deal with. The drive comes with a user’s manual, a program for DVD-Video playback (InterVideo WinDVD), a CD with Ahead Software’s Nero Burning Rom and InCD for burning various media and working in the packet mode. Besides, the package contains a blank Verbatim 2.4x DVD+RW disc and two cables (IDE and audio).

NEC ND-1100A


This drive looks very similar to the Mitsumi model. Its exterior is sober, without any external decorations: just two markings on the tray indicating that the drive belongs to the DVD-burners class. You can listen to audio discs with this drive, as its front panel carries a headphones socket and volume control wheel. The construction of the model case resembles that of Mitsumi drive, too. The bottom of the case also has special grooves and vent holes. The back panel of the drive has a space reserved for a fan, but the fan itself is absent. All other connectors are the same. At the back side of the drive you will find the power and interface connectors, as well as an analog and digital output ports, and of course a pin set with a jumper for drive positioning.

The technical specifications of ND-1100A are also similar to those of the above described Mitsumi drive: 4x DVD+R and 2.4x DVD+RW burning, 16x CD-R and 10x CD-RW burning. The drive can read DVD-ROM and CD-ROM discs at up to 12x and 40x speeds, respectively. DVD access time is 140ms; CD access time is 120ms. The internal buffer is 2MB big, which is the most popular solution for such devices.

The OEM version of the drive comes without any accessories.

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