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Pioneer DVR-105


This Pioneer is nearly an exact copy of DVR-A05 intended exclusively for OEMs: you can guess it by its looks. The front panel is colored a slightly darker shade of white. There is no “Pioneer” label on the tray. The fa?ade of the drive has the same components on it: the eject button, headphones socket, volume control wheel, LED and two slits for air inflow. The connectors on the back panel are the same: the power and interface connectors, the analog output port and the pin set with the jumper. The digital audio output is missing. Besides, there are special vent slits in the form of a circle at the back panel of the drive case.

The technical specifications of the drive allow it to burn DVD-R and DVD-RW discs at 4x and 2x respectively. The CD-R and CD-RW discs can be burned at 16x and 8x. Maximum read speed makes 12x for DVD-ROM discs and 32x for CD-ROM discs. Average access time equals 140ms for DVDs and 130ms for CDs. The buffer size of this model is the same: 2MB.

The drive came to us with a brief user’s manual.

Pioneer DVR-105BK


This is a variation of the basic DVR-105 drive. Their only difference is the color of the front panel. In this model it is black and hence can go very well with system cases of dark colors. The only white part of the front panel is the volume control wheel located next to the headset socket. I don’t know why they made it white, maybe they wanted to make sure that you see it at once. Also the front panel features an eject button, a status LED, and two slits, one of which serves for case cooling purposes. At the back side of the case you will find power and interface connectors, a pin set with a jumper and an analog audio output port. The back panel is also provided with a circle of vent slits, like all other Pioneer models.

The speed characteristics of this model are the same as those of the basic DVR-105 model. DVD-R and DVD-RW discs can be burned at 4x and 2x respectively. The CD-R and CD-RW can be burned at the maximum of 16x and 8x. maximum read speed equals 12x for DVD-ROM and 32x for CD-ROM discs. The average access time for DVDs and CDs is claimed as 140ms and 130ms respectively. The drive supports ATA/33 interface and features a 2MB buffer.

The drive comes without any accessories.

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