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Sony DW-U10A


Sony pioneered the development of universal, multi-format devices. The DW-10A drive belongs here, too. Its design suggests its main target: the OEM market. It has no elegance of its retail mate, DRU-500A. The light-gray plastic of the front panel is covered with symbols telling that we deal with a DVD-burner. The front panel only features an eject button with rounded corners and one status LED. There is no headphones socket and volume control: quite an ordinary thing for DVD-burners. The upper cover has a groove to make the device more robust. The back panel is pretty standard: it carries analog and digital audio outputs, power and interface connectors and the pin set with the jumper. There is also a small cut in the middle of the bottom panel. This must have been made for better cooling of the drive’s insides.

We had really hard tines trying to find some technical info about the drive on the company web-site. This ATA/33 drive provides 8x DVD-ROM and 32x CD-ROM read speeds. It can burn DVD+R and DVD-R at 4x. The burn speeds for DVD-RW and DVD+RW are 2x and 2.4x, respectively. CD-R and CD-RW discs are burned at 24x and 10x. Average access time is 200ms for DVDs and 160ms for CDs. Traditionally, Sony provides its drives with a large buffer: it is 8MB big. There are buffer underrun protection technologies included. 

This drive comes without any accessories.

Sony DW-U12A


One more all-in-one product from Sony follows the corporate style. This is an OEM version of the Sony DRU-500A drive. The solid-looking front panel has no extra markings, just the symbols indicating what kind of a drive this is. There are no headphones socket and accompanying volume control wheel on the front panel, so you will not be able to listen to music at work. In the front part of the upper cover there is a pretty deep imprinted groove that makes the device more robust to vagaries of life. The standard set of outputs and connectors is located on the back panel. The bottom of the case has a cut for better chips cooling.

The two drives from Sony have no great differences in speed characteristics. DW-U12A is a slightly “edited” version of the previous drive with somewhat better speeds: 12x DVD-ROM and 32x CD-ROM read, 4x DVD+R and DVD-R burn, 2x DVD-RW and 4x DVD+RW burn, 24x CD-R and 16x CD-RW. Average access time is 200ms and 160ms for DVDs and CDs, respectively. The drive has an 8MB buffer and features buffer underrun protection technologies (Power Burn).

No accessories come with this drive.

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