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Ricoh RW5125A


The RW-marked model is an OEM version of the MP5125A drive. The design distinguishes this model from other devices of this class. This effect is achieved due to several factors. The tray is flush-mounted on the front panel. Besides two symbols indicating that this is a DVD-burner, there is the “JustLink” label. Beneath the tray there are the eject button, status LED, headphones socket and volume control wheel. The standard set of connectors and outputs is at the back panel. The only deviation from the norm is the second pin set with the jumper that was used for manufacture testing.

This drive allows burning DVD+R and DVD+RW at 2.4x speed and CD-R and CD-RW at 12x and 10x, respectively. It reads DVDs at 8x and CDs at 32x speeds. DVD access time is 140ms; CD access time is 120ms. The drive has a 2MB buffer.

Ricoh’s website contains a lot of info about this model. Ricoh RW5125A is equipped with a single-lens combo module with laser diodes for work with both CDs and DVDs. A special analog processor and an LSI digital controller ensure high precision when burning DVD+RW at 2.4x speed. Lossless linking technology helps to put the lens as low as possible (1micron above the surface of the disc) when adding or editing the data to the medium. This is possible due to the use of special auxiliary tracks as defined by the DVD+RW format. As a result, the data burnt on this device are highly compatible with various DVD-ROM types and DVD players. When writing to a DVD+RW disc, the drive uses the background formatting mode: it needs a little over one minute to start the procedure. It formats the leadin and record area first, and then keeps on formatting other areas when the disc is not accessed for read or write.

JustLink technology is the name of a buffer underrun protection system. Another interesting innovation, invited to increase stability and quality of media recording, is the varying angle of the recording laser module. This feature is activated if the disc has is not perfectly flat, with edges higher or lower than the central part. Controlling the situation with the sensor, the drive adjusts the angle of the laser so that the ray is perpendicular to the disc surface. The drive works on a high-precision dustproof motor that generates very low heat. Moreover, it is almost completely noiseless, as it has no fan.

The model comes without any accessories.

Teac DV-W50E


This drive looks similar to Pioneer DVR-105, but the word “Teac” on the front panel indicates its parentage. Anyway, we have the same eject button, headphones socket and volume control wheel, status LED and two horizontal slits (one of them for air inflow) as in the Pioneers. The back panel is equipped with the power and interface connectors, a pin set with the jumper and an analog audio output, but no digital audio output. Above the connectors, there are several ventilation holes forming a circle.

This drive can burn DVD-R and DVD-RW discs at 4x and 2x, respectively. CD-R and CD-RW burn speeds are 16x and 8x. Maximum read speeds for DVDs and CDs are 12x and 32x. Access time: 140ms DVD and 130ms CD. The drive is provided with a 2MB buffer and supports ATA/33 interface.

A definite advantage of this drive is its official support of DVD+ discs reading, which will make its owner’s life a lot easier. A low-vibration mechanism is used in the drive. The model supports quick formatting (Quick Format fucntion) and features a buffer underrun technology.

No accessories are enclosed with the drive.

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