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Performance in FC-Test

Now we are going to check the HDD enclosures at real-life tasks simulated by the FC-Test utility. The utility measures the time it takes to perform some operations over a few sets of files varying in the average size and number of files included and then calculates the speed of the drive. We will test the drive in FAT32 first.

The first diagram shows you the speed of the external HDD at creating (i.e. writing) files. We publish the results of only three patterns out of five for easier reading: the ISO and Install patterns feature a few large files, while the Programs pattern consists of a lot of smaller files. After WinBench 99 it is not a surprise anymore to see the FireWire-connected Sarotech FHD-254UF2 taking the first place in all the three patterns. The same enclosure is the worst one when attached via USB 2.0. Six more devices have almost the same speed. The Agestar IUB2A6 and the Tekram TR-621S are somewhat slower than the others.

The high efficiency of the FireWire interface of the Sarotech FHD-254UF2 is again confirmed in the file reading test. This enclosure is also the slowest product when connected to a USB 2.0 port. Quite an ambiguous device this one is! Six enclosures deliver almost the same performance. The Agestar IUB2A6 and the Tekram TR-621S are the second and third worst, respectively.

This diagram shows how quickly the external drives manage to copy the file sets within one disk partition and we can again see the Sarotech FHD-254UF2 first soaring high using its FireWire interface and then slumping down with USB 2.0. The Agestar IUB2A6 and the Tekram TR-621S are again among the slowest HDD enclosures here. We can also single out the Thermaltake Silver River and the Agestar IUB201 as being somewhat better among the remaining six containers.

The Copy Far diagram (the file sets are copied from one disk partition to another) doesn’t show us anything particularly interesting. Like in the previous three tests, the Sarotech FHD-254UF2 is again the fastest and slowest depending on the employed interface. And once again we see six enclosures doing much alike to each other and being followed by the less speedy Agestar IUB2A6 and Tekram TR-621S.

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