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It’s high time we summed up the results of this test session. I would like to point out right away that we tested two hard disk drives of different storage capacity that is why you should keep in mind this fact when drawing your own conclusions. Anyway, now I would like to make a few comments on the benchmark results.

The most interesting thing about this test session is the fact that we can’t actually call any of the testing participants the leader. What made us think so?

In fact, as you may have noticed the drives behaved somewhat diversely throughout the entire test session. I am not talking about Intel IOMeter benchmarks here, as they were given mostly for your information and do not matter a lot for the verdict about the actual performance.

In the classical WinBench99 test package run with the drives working via USB 2.0 interface. The victory belongs to Maxtor 5000DV drive. This is true for both file systems. However, when we shift to FireWire interface, its performance drops down a lot and it falls significantly behind the WD2500B007 solution.

FC-Test program demonstrated pretty diverse results. With USB 2.0 interface involved, Maxtor 5000DV HDD appeared more attractive yielding to the rival only during files copy from one partition to another. It is true for both file systems. When the drives work via FireWire interface Maxtor drive gives in and the laurels pass over to the solution from Western Digital.

In conclusion I would like to quickly sum up the results of both drives. If you are using any of the tested drives as an additional storage solution for your home PC, then Maxtor 5000DV drive connected via USB 2.0 may turn out a really good alternative to WD2500B007 working via FireWire interface, because in this case the drive from Maxtor doesn’t yield in performance to WD drive and sometimes even outpaces the latter. Of course, the price of the solution and its storage capacity should also be taken into account when you are making the buying decision. These parameters are very different by these two solutions, so its totally up to you to decide what matters more in your particular case. However, you should get a much richer choice in the nearest future, because Maxtor is going to announce a 300GB model pretty soon.

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