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Performance in WinBench99

The last benchmark we are going to take a look at today is our good old veteran – WinBench99.

I don’t think there is any need to go deep into details regarding the HDD performance in typical office applications. We’d better take a closer look at the performance difference in two integral subtests: Business Disk WinMark and High-End Disk WinMark:

Well, there is hardly any difference at all. :)

And why should it be there, actually? We have just seen that under small workloads the HDD performed equally fast with both controllers. But there is still something really exciting about the WinBench99 results. It is the linear read graph. Have a look here:

Wow, it seems to me I haven’t seen such beautiful graphs for a long time already. Note that at almost half of the entire surface the linear read speed (which also means the number of sectors per track) remains unchanged and sticks close to 80MB/s (to be more exact to 78.8MB/s).


To tell the truth, this seems to be the hardest part for me to write today. at first I was going to make a “Contemporary 15K HDDs comparison” and then to add the results for Fujitsu MAS and Maxtor Atlas 15K. However, during work I realized that this is going to become a separate serious article.

So, today I introduced to you a new Fujitsu MAS hard disk drive family, gave you an idea about the drives’ features and performance. The benchmarks results for Fujitsu MAS3735NP drive showed that the new generation of 15K Fujitsu HDDs has everything required by the today’s market. And how good it is against the background of its competitors, will be very soon discussed in our upcoming roundup.

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