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DVD+R written at 8x (Gigabyte GO-0804A)

As you see, the drive is using a 3-zone Z-CLV burn algorithm at 8x speed. By the way, the first zone is so small that it might as well have started from 6x. Note also that modern optical drives start to use the P-CAV algorithm for burning at high speeds. This algorithm is preferable to Z-CLV in terms of both speed and performance. Now, what about the quality of the resulting disc? It’s good. The PI error level is low (peaks not exceeding 18, average level being 12-14); PO errors occur rarely and their level is low, too. The read graph has minor beatings at the beginning of the disc as we saw at 4x, but they don’t spoil the general picture at all.


DVD-R written at 2x (Gigabyte GO-0804A)

Here’s the first disappointment… The GO-0404A just refused to burn a DVD-R blank at 2x speed. The other model did the burning, but I can’t add “successfully”.

The burn process itself gave me no apprehensions, but the quality of the resulting disc was awful: the level of PI errors was growing from 800 at the beginning of the disc to 1400 at its end (for note: at PI Errors>600 the disc is considered unreadable and unfit for usage). The level of PO errors is 20 at the beginning of the disc (that’s acceptable), but 80 at its end (this is already too much). In fact, the read graph says the final verdict – the written DVD disc is really unreadable. So, one of the tested drives couldn’t burn a DVD-R blank at 2x at all, while the other did burn one, but it’s impossible to read the resulting disc. Both models are unsatisfactory in this test. Let’s try to raise the bar to 4x?

DVD-R written at 4 (Gigabyte GO-0804A on the left; GO-0404A on the right)

There’re no problems with the burn process as such, but the result… The GO-0804A has peaks of up to 400 PI errors, although of a small length. The average level of PI errors is 100, sometimes getting higher to 150-200. This is in fact acceptable, but too close to the limit. The number of PO errors is within the norm, but there are peaks of up to 200 errors, of small length though. The disc was read without problems, as the read graph says.

As for the junior model, it has many short PI error peaks of 400-700 errors, but their average level is about 60. There are many peaks of up to 200 PO errors at the second half of the disc. Some peaks are quite lengthy. The burn quality is close to unsatisfactory, as the read graph says – the first half of the disc is read unconfidently, while the second half cannot be read at all.

Summing up the write-once media section, I should say that both models handle DVD+R media very well, but fail on the DVD-R format. The only workable combination in the latter case is the GO-0804A working at 8x speed. The junior model cannot burn DVD-R discs at all as yet.

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