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C1/C2 error counts and Beta/Jitter graphs for a CD-RW disc written at 24x
(Gigabyte GO-0804A on the left, the GO-0404A on the right)

Judging by the number of errors, the GO-0804A is an unrivalled leader in this test. It has 18 times less C1 errors and no C2 and CU errors, while the GO-0404A has 3300 errors of the second encoder and a single CU error.

With respect to the Beta/Jitter parameters, the junior model wins, producing two smooth graphs. The GO-0404A has a big Jitter spike only when there appears a CU error.

Overall, the GO-0804A burned a CD-RW disc better. The junior model performed badly in this test.

Reading a Damaged CD-ROM

The last CD-related section of this review is about the error correction mechanisms of the drives.

Reading a damaged CD-ROM
(Gigabyte GO-0804A on the left, the GO-0404A on the right)

The result of the GO-0404A cannot be called normal – it read the disc through in less than two minutes, without a single error and at a constant linear speed of 56x. This just cannot be. We’ll check out the error correction capabilities of the drive later.

As for the GO-0804A, we witness an aggressive speed acceleration which Lite-On’s drive have always had. The drive took 4 minutes 58 seconds to read the disc through. Quality, however, is sacrificed to speed: five unread blocks at the most difficult spot of the disc. That’s not quite well, as we have a very fast, but not very accurate drive, but if you use a normal bad disc, not the “extremely damaged CD” as we do, the GO-0804A is going to perform excellently.

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