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DVD Burn Quality

Verbatim DataLifePlus (Mitsubishi Chemical) media were used in the tests. The burn time test comes first.

DVD-R: both drives have an identical speed formula for this format, so their results are very close. Considering the same burn algorithm (CLV), we shouldn’t have expected any big difference, but the junior model still proved to be somewhat faster (by 17 and 64 seconds at 4x and 2x speeds, respectively).

DVD+R: we can only compare the 4x speeds of the drives as this is the maximum speed the junior model can burn such media at. The difference is very small – 6 seconds in favor of the GO-0804A. As for the GO-0804A’s result at 8x, it is rather average, i.e. many other DVD-burners also take about the same time to burn a DVD+R disc at 8x (with a deviation of 10 seconds at most).

DVD-RW: Again, we can only compare the 2x speeds of the drives, and the junior model left the GO-0804A almost a minute behind. On the other hand, this is hardly a serious advantage considering that the total burn time is about half an hour. The GO-0804A, however, did well at 4x speed, writing a disc in 14 minutes and 8 seconds. This is about half a minute faster than the average time other drives take to perform such a job.

DVD+RW: The GO-0804A works faster with media of this format. The GO-0404A is over 4 minutes behind at 2.4x speed (and this is a hefty advantage) and 1 minute behind at 4x.

Now let’s examine the quality of the written DVD media. The write-once formats come first.


DVD+R written at 2x (Gigabyte GO-0404A)

Burning was completed without any problems, and the result is very satisfying as there are only two peaks of PI errors (50 and 90), but their length is negligible. Otherwise, the average level of PI errors doesn’t exceed 20. That’s good, although some other drives had even lower PI error levels on such blanks. The frequency of PO errors and their maximum level (2) testify to the good quality of the resulting disc. Well, I would be surprised to see any other results at this burn speed. The perfect read graph confirms all the said things.

DVD+R written at 4x (Gigabyte GO-0804A on the left; GO-0404A on the right)

Again, no problems with the burn process proper. The burn quality is good (the GO-0804A has a lower level of PI errors; the amount of PO errors is the same between the two drives). The read graphs confirm that – the GO-0804A made a minor slip at the beginning of the disc, but this didn’t affect the end result.

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