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Performance with StorageKingdom EasyHardDisk



Unlike the previous drive, this HDD allowed running all the tests we had planned, because there were no problems with formatting it as desired (FAT32).

HDTach and IOMark

The data transfer rates measured in HDTach program once again prove the indisputable triumph of the ICH5 chip from Intel. The results appeared even higher than in case of WD250JB HDD, it is probably because of the USB 2.0-IDE controller used in StorageKingdom EasyHardDisk.

Again we can see a noticeable gap between the leader and two other controllers. The NEC 7200100AGM again looks more attractive to us than the rival based on VIA chip.

The results of IOMark test once again confirm our verdict: the integrated solution in Intel ICH5 looks much more attractive than the competitors. All the numbers prove this statement. As for the remaining two competitors, they seem to be in absolutely the same situation as in the previous tests. Again NEC 7200100AGM is notably faster than the stable third prize winner from VIA.

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