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We used FC-Test utility, which is described in detail in our article called X-bit labs Presents: FC-Test for Hard Disk Drives, to create, read, and copy five standard file sets from one HDD folder to another. The read speed results clearly indicate the performance difference. As always, the best performance belongs to the integrated solution.

Intel ICH5 also looks a little better than the competitors during file creation. In fact, the overall situation remained the same, too. The other two controllers retained their positions in this test: NEC came the second, and VIA – the third.

Intel IOMeter

SequentialRead Pattern

SequentialWrire Pattern

The results of SequentialRead and SequentialWrite patterns once again prove the efficiency of Intel’s integrated solution. Both benchmarks demonstrate its evident advantage over the competitors. The chip from NEC again works faster than the solution based on VIA VT6202. As you can see, some errors popped up as a result of heavy (100%) CPU utilization. Is this a peculiarity of controller drivers for VIA VT6202 and NEC 7200100AGM based solutions?

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