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The HighPoint RocketRAID 4320 is an ambiguous product just like its opponents we tested before. We have not seen an ideal RAID controller yet, although we are still searching for one. This particular model is good in three aspects. First, it is very good at reading from mirror pairs in RAID10 arrays. It can effectively select the “luckier” disk (i.e. the one with the lower time to access the requested data) or read large files from both disks simultaneously. The only thing this controller lacks to be ideal for this array type is the ability to effectively parallel multithreaded load. Second, the HighPoint RocketRAID4320 is very good at processing files in FC-Test. The 8-disk arrays were as fast as 500MBps. And third, this controller copes with degraded arrays well.

On the downside is the controller’s work with RAID5 and RAID6. These arrays are slow at low loads. Additionally, there are problems when writing to these arrays in small data blocks. If such loads are important to you, you should better consider other controllers. Otherwise, the HighPoint RocketRAID4320 is going to make a good buy.

There is only one brand of SAS RAID controllers we have not yet covered in our reviews, but we’ve already got the missing model for tests. Thus, we will soon be able to compare six controllers from six brands between each other.

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