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Closer Look

The product arrived in our lab in a very sturdy box:

This is regular carton box, without much exterior design. The info on the box suggests that ICY Dock MB453SPF module can accommodate three hard disk drives, while taking the space assigned to two five-inch bays of the system. I would like to specifically stress that it was a great idea to use 5-inch bays. Now that we have very affordable DVD burners supporting all formats at the same time, we do not really need the whole bunch of old CD or DVD drives in the systems. However, the system cases for high-performance remained the same size, and most of the time their five-inch bays remain empty.


This is what the module looks like: aluminum case, silverfish-black front panel. The modules can be easily mounted into the system case: there are rows of holes on the sides of the module that are standard for five-inch devices. The module comes with the sufficient amount of M3 screws to fasten it in the case.

Besides the user’s manual, the module is also shipped with the set of HDD status cables that are used to connect the drives to the front monitoring panel. You may need them if you are using the drives that do not support SATA II specification (i.e. that do not support HDD Access signal) and the controller features separate signal outputs to indicate the HDD status.

At the back of the module there is a removable (for service purposes?) 60mm fan and a set of connectors. Let’s take a closer look at it:

First of all our eye catches very different types of connectors that are available there: there are two “outdated” power supply connectors and one SATA connector. I didn’t quite figure out the hidden intention behind this, however, I am one of those people who cannot be confused that easily, so let’s move on.

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