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Thermal Performance

Well, now we should simply test the modules at work. I installed three WD4000YR HDDs into the modules and ran the random seek test on all of them, i.e. put the storage system under the maximum workload.

As you see, the diode indicators on all of the drives lit up orange. It means that the drive is being accessed. Green color indicates that the HDD is working, but there are no incoming requests, and red color indicates HDD failure.

The noise generated by the chassis fan was noticeable but not irritating. The HDDs didn’t generate that much noise either (these are pretty quiet models).

Despite my expectations, no thermal alarm sounded. However, I still removed the HDds from the module and measured their temperature with the infra-red thermometer. All thee drives were 40-41oC warm.

Of course, this is not the ideal solution yet, however, the compromise between the noise and reliability is quite acceptable.


ICY Dock MB453SPF module is very nice and useful product and I would strongly recommend it to all the users who need to ensure the safety of their data and convenient work with the storage arrays.

And of course, it looked just awesome in my system case :)


  • Heat conductive aluminum casing;
  • Removable fan;
  • Smart indication system;
  • The HDDs do not get scratched during installation/removal (no warranty issues, etc.)


  • Only one thermal sensor.
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