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The results we obtained today during our relatively short test session do not allow us to make any far-fetched conclusions. We did compare the results of Imation Micro Hard Drive against those of Seagate Pocket Hard Drive knowing that these two products are built with the HDDs of slightly different form-factors. Moreover, these two solutions boast different storage capacity, which is also an important factor. So, we wouldn’t make any final statements this time.

Instead we would simply like to state that Imation Micro Hard Drive boasts lower performance results than the Seagate Pocket Hard Drive that was its opponent during this test session. We have seen this in both: synthetic and practical benchmarks.

Even though we were hoping that Imation Micro Hard Drive would show better results, our hopes didn’t come true. This is no tragedy. Since there is not that much of a choice in the market of compact storage devices built with miniature hard disk drives, Imation Micro Hard Drive has every chance to find its customers: especially those users who like exotic shapes and design ideas. Besides, this drive boasts quite big storage capacity, while its price is considerably lower than what the flash-memory based devices have to offer. It is the 1.5 times price difference that might turn into a determinative factor for those users who have limited budget.

We will continue testing small devices like that, so stay tuned for more new names!

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