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We’ll do some summarizing now, starting from the Intel X25-V. Cutting it short, we like this product. Intel has come up with an affordable but rather fast SSD. It was especially good in our RAID0 array, providing both a large storage capacity and a high speed of writing. As for reading and mixed loads, the RAID0 built out of two X25-V drives was just brilliant, outperforming its server-oriented X25-E with SLC memory. The latter is blameless, though. Its performance is still competitive in comparison with MLC-based SSDs with new controllers inside.

The first step of Western Digital in the world of solid state drives is not a failure, either. Although the JM612 controller is not as fast at writing as the Indilinx, the SiliconEdge Blue series offers a decent writing performance and will make a good choice for workstations or top-end gaming computers.

The updated Kingston V series looks good, too, especially compared with the extremely low performance of its JM602B-based predecessor. On the other hand, this model looks inferior to its opponents due to its low writing performance and high power consumption. However, we like this SSD’s performance under mixed loads (i.e. with both read and write requests).

The SSD market is on the rise, so stay tuned for our upcoming SSD reviews!

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