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Although Intel markets its affordable SSD 335 as a slight refresh to the old SSD 330 series, the new product is actually quite exciting. The synchronous MLC flash manufactured on 20nm tech process at IMFT facilities improves three key parameters: performance, power consumption and price. As a result, the SSD 335 is faster than its predecessor, taking its place between the SSD 330 and the SSD 520. Its power requirements are lower by half. And as for the price factor, it is perhaps the least expensive SSD based on synchronous MLC NAND flash available today!

Considering that Intel SSDs have always been highly reliable and their firmware is optimized for real-life usage scenarios, we have a potential bestseller here. Of course, it is no leader in sheer speed, yet still an excellent choice for all-purpose PCs. The only problem is that the SSD 335 is available as a 240GB version now. If it comes out in other capacities as well, it may affect the overall market situation, provoking a general reduction in prices of consumer-class SSDs.

The Intel SSD 335 isn’t without downsides, which are related to its second-generation SandForce controller. Namely, it has rather low write speed and suffers a performance hit with incompressible data. These aspects may be crucial for some users, who will most likely prefer a different product because of that. And there are quite a few alternative choices, actually: Plextor M5 Pro, OCZ Vector, Samsung 840, etc. To help you with your choice, we offer the following summary table with test results of various SSDs. It contains basic hardware information about the tested SSDs and allows to quickly determine the general position of a particular model among its competitors in terms of relative performance:

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