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Disk Response Time

In this test IOMeter is sending a stream of requests to read and write 512-byte data blocks with a request queue of 1 for 10 minutes. The total amount of requests processed by the drive is much more than its cache buffer, so we get a sustained response time that doesn’t depend on the drive’s cache.

Flash memory storage features a very low response time at reading. However, we can note that the three JMicron-based models are much slower than their opponents. The Corsair X128 is somewhat slower than the earlier-tested products, too.

And when it comes to writing, we are lost for words to describe this picture. The Corsair X128 is competitive. Its Indilinx controller boasts a much better write response than the Samsung controller of the P128 model. The newcomer can challenge Intel’s second-generation SSDs which are currently among the fastest in terms of write response.

The JMicron controller is quite a different story. It brings us back to the times of the first generation of solid state drives which did not have any firmware optimizations and had a tremendously poor write response. Just consider: these SSDs take one fifth of a second – an eon from the CPU’s or OS’s point of view – to write 512 bytes! This leads to a total failure under Windows XP which sends most of its service requests in such blocks and does not do anything else until it gets a confirmation of successful writing. As a result, the computer works very sluggishly.

The Transcend feels somewhat better as its SLC memory writes faster and does not suffer that much from the lack of caching. Still, its write response is about five times as high as that of typical HDDs. Do you want to know what an SSD with SLC memory and good controller can do? Just check out our review of the Intel X25-E.

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