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Kingmax is known as one of the manufacturers of overclocker-friendly memory modules. The brand gained some recognition by using nanotechnologies for cooling. Instead of conventional heatsinks, Kingmax's innovative memory modules have their chips coated with some heat-conductive compound which is porous at nano-level and thus facilitates heat dissipation.

Memory modules for enthusiasts are not the only market Kingmax is active on, though. Like many other firms that had started as memory makers, Kingmax eventually came to produce various small peripherals and NAND flash products such as USB flash drives, memory cards, card-readers, external hard disks, and solid state drives. There's nothing extraordinary about this product range since many other companies offer the same but Kingmax should be given credit for looking for original solutions not only with their overclocker-friendly memory. Today, we are going to take a look at a Kingmax SSD that combines a high storage capacity with a low price. It is the 480-gigabyte SMP35 Client model with SATA III interface. Its cost per gigabyte of storage is close to the psychological barrier of $1.

We can tell you right away that the SSD is based on a second-generation SandForce controller, which is the only hardware platform available for manufacturers who do not have their own development resources. SandForce offers its partners a ready-made SSD platform consisting of a controller, firmware and reference PCB design. This platform has become widespread under many brands but Kingmax seems to have got some ideas about bringing the price down to a lower level than usual. So, let's try to find out the secret of the Kingmax SMP35 Client 480GB and see if it can make a worthy competitor to other large-capacity SSDs with SandForce as well as other controllers.

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