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File Copy Speed

We use AS SSD version 1.6.4237.30508 to benchmark the speed of copying files within a single partition the size of the whole SSD. The SSDs are tested in their steady state.

Copying files within the same disk partition requires that the SSD be fast both at reading and writing. And writing is not among the fortes of the SMP35 Client 480GB, especially when it comes to incompressible data. Therefore the SSD from Kingmax is at the bottom of the diagrams here.


The Kingmax SMP35 Client 480GB is based on a second-generation SandForce controller and uses flash memory with asynchronous interface. It’s like a medical diagnosis. Any professional will understand from this description what this SSD is capable of: it’s going to be rather slow but inexpensive.

All this totally applies to Kingmax SMP35 Client 480GB SSD. It doesn’t boast record-breaking speeds, but its key feature is high capacity. There are actually not so many large-capacity SSDs on the market and, compared to them, the Kingmax may become quite attractive. Our tests suggest that it is almost always faster than the same-capacity OCZ Octane and is only inferior to more expensive solutions like OCZ’s Vertex 3 and 4 series. So, if you want a large-capacity SSD as a full replacement for a conventional hard disk, the Kingmax SMP35 Client 480GB should certainly be considered, especially as its SandForce controller can give it a substantial performance boost with compressible data.

Summing up all of our SSD-related tests, we keep on filling in our summary table where all SSDs are distributed over several tiers according to their speed. The tiers differ greatly from each other, but the SSDs inside each tier are almost identical in terms of performance.

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