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LG Electronics has climbed up very high in terms of quality of DVD-recorders it manufactures. The GSA-4167B model is an example of that. Burning DVD-R and DVD+R discs is the main strong point of this drive. Users will easily find recordable discs the GSA-4167B will work superbly with. The drive is less confident with DVD-RW and DVD+RW media, but most of the problems mentioned in the review will probably be solved in future firmware updates. The drive’s ability to work with DVD-RAM media, even though this format is not widely popular, also needs to be mentioned as its advantage. The speed characteristics of the drive are up to today’s standards; it also works well with bad-quality, damaged discs.

As for drawbacks of this device, the GSA-4167B has a big offset (bad for audio copies) and not very efficient error-correction logic (a low percentage of found C2 errors). The latter fact casts doubt on the drive’s results with the scratched disc.

Summing up my experience with the LG GSA-4167B, I recommend it to people who need a universal, multi-format, high-quality DVD-burner and who are not obsessed with the desire to listen to audio CDs through the headphones output on the drive’s front panel.

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