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Using this rather old, yet very simple utility, we measure the speed of the drives when they extract audio tracks from a normal audio CD and convert them into WAV-files. Each track is read two times to identify errors.

The drive was ripping the audio tracks at a rather high average speed and no errors occurred in the process.

Exact Audio Copy

The second audio-extraction program I use in my tests differs from Nero CD DAE in allowing the user to enable specific hardware features of the optical drive to achieve the maximum possible copying quality.

Before I began to extract audio tracks from the disc, I entered the Drive Options menu to determine the hardware characteristics of the drives. Next, besides getting a general report about the drive’s properties, I used the bad Audio CD prepared in Nero CD-DVD Speed to determine the drive’s ability to process C2 errors. And finally I switched the most effective Secure Mode on and extracted audio tracks from the same disc as in the Nero CD DAE test, converting them into WAV-files.

The LG GSA-4167B drive does not cache audio data, supports Accurate Stream mode and can return C2 errors. Thanks to its hardware capabilities, the drive performed this test very quickly.

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