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Performance in FC-Test

We tested our hard disk drive with the help of File Copy utility following the standard testing methodology. As usual, we used five standard file sets. Besides the main logical partition, 32GB big, there was also another one, of the same storage capacity, which was used to save the files copied to it from the first main partition.

During file creation FAT32 file system demonstrates much higher speeds with USB 2.0 interface. FireWire loses to USB 2.0 being 2-3 times slower in all tests. This significant lag behind makes me suppose that the internal controller of the drive responsible for FireWire-to-ATA bridge is not efficient enough for operations of the kind. The two IEEE 1394 controllers perform equally fast. We could suspect bad work of the FireWire controller driver, however, as you remember we used the same default FireWire driver for the WD hard disk drive tests and didn’t encounter any problems with data writing. Moreover, in our today’s test session the results of the synthetic SequentialWrite pattern indicate that Maxtor drive is faster with FireWire controllers. All in all, it’s a mystery.

Even worse results are obtained with FireWire interface under NTFS file system. The HDD creates files at about the same speed as in the previous case when it works with USB 2.0 interface, and in case of FireWire the performance is lower than under FAT32. As a result, the performance difference between two interfaces starts notching 4 times for those cases when we have a bunch of smaller files. The performance differences between two IEEE 1394 controllers are again insignificant.

File reading under FAT32 file system works faster with FireWire interface. In this case the HDD manages to speed up quite tangibly than in case of USB 2.0 interface. Again both IEEE 1394 controllers perform close to one another.

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