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In NTFS file system file reading is again faster with FireWire interface than with USB 2.0. both controller for IEEE 1394 are equally efficient as usual.

File copy within one partition formatted under FAT32 occurs faster when the external drive is connected via the FireWire interface. The performance with USB 2.0 interface appears much lower.

The NTFS file system during file copy demonstrates the indisputable efficiency of FireWire interface when working with a bunch of relatively large files. In these situations the storage device works as fast as with the USB 2.0 interface. And in case of ISO file set it even shows its best. As the number of files in the test sets increases (Windows and Programs patterns), the performance of our hard drive with FireWire interface turns out notably lower. The two IEEE 1394 controllers are equally fast.

File copy from one logical drive to another under FAT32 indicates that FireWire works better in this case: it wins in four cases out of five. It loses only in case of the largest files processing. Both IEEE 1394 controllers run neck and neck, so that we cannot give our preferences to any of them.

In NTFS file system the file copy speed from one logical drive to another is about the same as in FAT32. When working with relatively large files the copy speed grows up a little bit, and when we get to a bunch of smaller files, the copy speed drops. USB 2.0 interface appears more attractive in all cases. Its advantage over FireWire is especially evident in those cases when we process a bunch of smaller files. The two IEEE 1394 controllers retain certain parity.

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