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Performance in WinBench 99

The last test we are going to run on our external drive is the classical WinBench99. The tests were run for a HDD formatted as a single logical drive as well as a 32GB logical drive.

First please check the linear read speed graphs:

  • FireWire Agere FW323 (Graph)
  • FireWire VIA VT6307 (Graph)
  • USB 2.0 Intel ICH5 (Graph)

Well, let’s start with the read speed from the HDD surface for different interfaces. All the three graphs we got, illustrate perfectly well the claimed peak bandwidths of the interfaces. Long horizontal lines characterize the peak bandwidths of each interface. With its maximum performance of about 60MB/s in the beginning of the drive, the HDD can’t push its linear speed beyond the limit set by the interface used. As you can see from the graphs, the top limit for FireWire interface is about 6MB/s higher than that for USB 2.0 and corresponds exactly to the values claimed by the manufacturer. The two IEEE 1394 controllers, Agere FW323 and VIA VT6307, perform about the same.

The tests of the hard disk drive in FAT32 file system demonstrated indisputable advantage of the USB 2.0 interface: the two key scores, namely Business Disk and High-End Disk WinMark appear the maximum in this case. FireWire interface looks less attractive here, and in case of VIA VT6307 controller the results are the worst: this solution yields quite tangibly to its counterpart on Agere FX323 chip in these two major tests.

The work of our hard disk drive under NTFS file system is evidently slower on both interfaces. The advantage of USB 2.0 over FireWire is even more obvious in this case. Both Disk WinMark scores are about twice as high with USB 2.0 than with FireWire. Agere FW323 controller is again slightly faster in both these parameters than the solution from VIA.

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