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Performance in Intel IOMeter FileServer and WebServer Patterns

Well, now let’s pass over to HDD tests in the server patterns, which are intended for SCSI solutions in the first place.

Let’s check the dependence of the HDD performance on the workload (queue depth).

As you see, until 64 outgoing requests Maxtor drive perform almost equally fast with U160 and U320 SCSI controllers. As soon as the workload increases, the driver optimizations of the Adaptec 29160N start working, which we have already pointed out to you earlier today.

If we make up a performance rating diagram following our standard rules (average Total I/O under all types of workload), we will see the following:

In WebServer the situation is somewhat different:

The sample drive worked evidently faster with U320. The retail drive also appeared faster with the U320 controller under all workloads except the heaviest one with 256 requests queue.

As a result, the HDDs working with U320 controller managed to win under four types of workload out of five and hence got a much better rating.

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