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Performance in Intel IOMeter WorkStation Pattern

WorkStation pattern should imitate the disk subsystem workload when it works with regular office applications that is why it differs from the server patterns by the workload range, where the maximum workload makes only 32 requests. By the way, this levels out the chances for U160 and U320 controllers, because the maximum TCQ depth they support is far beyond the maximum outgoing request queue depth.

Of course, the HDD works equally fast with U160 and U320 controllers under small workloads.

When we calculated the performance rating for this pattern, we supposed that small workloads are more typical of a workstation disk subsystem that is why the HDD performance under small workload matters most of all in this formula:

Performance = Total I/O (queue=1)/1 + Total I/O (queue=2)/2 + Total I/O (queue=4)/4 + Total I/O (queue=8)/8 + Total I/O (queue=16)/16 + Total I/O (queue=32)/32

The curious thing is that the mass unit working with U320 controller wins again! No doubt, Maxtor drive really works excellent with U320 SCSI interface.

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