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The release of a compact external hard drive is an expectable move from Maxtor who has previously been offering a wide range of external devices based on 3.5” HDDs. But Seagate makes external HDDs, too, so it’s not quite clear what’s going to be in the future when Maxtor and Seagate merge into one company and begin selling products under the latter’s brand only. Well, after all it’s the two companies’ business to decide which product lines are going to survive their merger.

On our part, we have made sure today that the OneTouch III Mini Edition is slower than the Seagate Portable Hard Drive. We also advise you to use NTFS on the former drive since it has performed somewhat better with it than with FAT32 in our tests. In the rest of its parameters the new drive is much alike to its bigger mates that don’t have the words “Mini Edition” in their names. The key features of the drive are the OneTouch button that facilitates the process of backing up your data and the preinstalled software that protects your data from unauthorized access. The system rollback feature may also be helpful. The OneTouch III Mini Edition doesn’t need additional power sources apart from the USB, has a cute design and readily fits into your pocket.

So, not a record-setter in terms of performance, this product looks good enough from other points of view. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the money you are asked for it.

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