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Dual Layer DVD+R Discs Burn Quality at 4x speed


BenQ DW1620 

This is the test where the MSI DR16-B2 makes up for its poor performance with 16x DVD+R media. It burns dual-layer discs much better than the BenQ DW1620 does. Moreover, this is one of the best dual-layer discs any optical drive has ever produced in my tests. The PI Error rate on the disc from the MSI drive is 5-6 times lower than on the disc from the BenQ. The BenQ disc also has a rather lengthy surge of PI Failures on the innermost tracks which is not observed on the disc recorded by the MSI drive. By the way, the BenQ team didn’t manage to correct this problem even in the new firmware update. You have seen above that some other defects of the drive were corrected in the new version of the firmware, but dual-layer discs are still recorded with rather average quality by the BenQ DW1620.

Beta/Jitter and TA Test (Outer, layers 0 and 1) for the DVD+R DL disc
burnt by the MSI DW16-B2 at 4x speed

It’s better to talk about each layer independently when it comes to dual-layer media. Here, the first later is recorded perfectly: the Beta graph is a horizontal line and the Jitter rate is uniform throughout the entire disc. These parameters change on the second layer – the laser power grows up as is represented with a “step” on the diagram. The Beta parameter begins to fluctuate a little, and the Jitter rate is less uniform on the second layer. Yet the results are overall good. This is also confirmed by the TA Test – the quality of the disc is high considering that we deal with a dual-layer medium. Yes, Jitter is higher than on single-layer discs, but is still acceptable. The Peak Shift isn’t very big, either.

Summarizing the performance of the two optical drives with DVD+R media, I should say that they both burn them excellently. However, the results of the BenQ DW1620 are better (excepting the DVD+R DL disc) than those of the MSI DR16-B2. On the other hand, both these devices go beyond the requirements of an ordinary user as concerns burning discs of this format, save for 16x burn speed at which the MSI drive had some serious problems. And if you need high burn quality with dual-layer DVD media, the MSI DR16-B2 has in fact no real alternatives.

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