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First of all, we want to note the fact that the existence of these three product series is indeed justifiable. The OCZ IBIS series includes top-end products designed for users who need to get a large number of fantastically fast disks into a server rack. You may only want to buy a single such SSD if you are going to add a second one to it in the near future or if your system case cannot accommodate an OCZ RevoDrive x2, which provides the same performance but doesn’t occupy a 3.5-inch bay. And if you don’t care about having a record-breaking performance, but want high storage capacity instead, you may want to prefer an ordinary RevoDrive as you will surely get a very high speed even with this dual-controller SSD. But do not switch its integrated RAID controller into JBOD mode as we did in our experiment!

We would like to award OCZ IBIS with our Ultimate Innovation title:

As for the question what is better for an SSD, the total storage capacity or the number of memory access channels, the answer is rather trivial: both. However, the speed of writing depends more on the storage capacity whereas the number of channels has a larger effect on the SSD’s read speed, especially when there is a request queue or multiple threads of data to process.

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