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OCZ RevoDrive x2: 100 GB


If the maximum capacity (480 GB) or performance of the RevoDrive series does not satisfy you, OCZ offers a more advanced alternative called RevoDrive x2. It is the same card with an addition of a second PCB that carries two more SF1200 flash controllers connected to the free channels of the SiI3124 and more memory chips. Thus, the internal RAID0 consists of as many as four disks now. Our sample is a junior RevoDrive x2, though. It carries only 100 gigabytes of memory, so each SF1200 controller has a reduced number of memory channels. It is a kind of a double version of the 50GB RevoDrive, so we have another chance to see what benefits we can achieve from having more memory access channels. The specified speeds of our sample are much higher than those of the ordinary RevoDrive: up to 740 MBps at reading and up to 550 and 690 MBps at writing (sustained and peak speed, respectively). The top-end RevoDrive x2 models are even faster: up to 740 MBps at reading and 720 MBps at writing.

OCZ IBIS: 100, 160, 240 GB


The RevoDrive family will be competing with the OCZ IBIS series which is dramatically different visually. These are 3.5-inch devices that connect to an included controller (a PCI Express x4 card) via a special High-Speed Data Link interface developed by OCZ. With a peak bandwidth of 1 GBps, the HSDL interface borrows the physical infrastructure from SAS, a popular interface of server-oriented HDDs. It has the same connectors and cables. Thus, OCZ has effectively redesigned the solid state drive by moving the flash memory controllers and chips into a separate device that is connected to a PCIe card. Why? The PCIe card with 4 HSDL interfaces, already available for ordering, makes the benefits clear. This design allows using up to four full-featured SSDs with only one PCIe slot. You can connect up to eight SSDs using only two of those PCIe cards to a typical server. You wouldn’t be able to do that with the RevoDrives and ordinary mainboards because you would just run short of PCI Express slots!

The innards of the 3.5-inch box are almost the same as the RevoDrive x2: a RAID controller SiI3124 with four SF1200 flash controllers and some flash memory chips.

Now let’s move on to our tests and be ready to see very high numbers.

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