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File Copying Speed

We use AS SSD version 1.6.4237.30508 to benchmark the speed of copying files within a single partition the size of the whole SSD. The SSDs are tested in their steady state.

The Petrol is expectedly fast in the AS SSD file copy test. It is in between the SandForce-based SSDs with synchronous and asynchronous memory.


The various kinds of OCZ’s newest SSDs based on Indilinx platforms are similar in many ways. The Vertex 4, Octane and Petrol are not leaders in their respective classes but each of these Everest/Everest 2 based products has some interesting peculiarities. The OCZ Petrol, for example, is fast at sequential operations and thus can quickly process large files. It also offers consistent behavior which does not depend on the type and the degree of compressibility of data.

However, positioned as an entry-level product, the Petrol will hardly be chosen for high performance in specific usage scenarios. It would be much more attractive if it had no performance hits when working under specific types of load. Unfortunately, Petrol cannot offer continuous consistency under all types of operational load. As our tests have shown, the Petrol is seriously slower than inexpensive SandForce-based SSDs in many typical applications. Therefore, Petrol may be not the best choice when it comes to inexpensive entry-level SSDs.

On the other hand, we wouldn’t dismiss the Petrol completely. Its extremely low price is an indisputable advantage over SandForce-based SSDs with asynchronous flash. It is in fact one of the cheapest SSDs with SATA III interface available now, which is its main selling point. After all, the Petrol will be way faster than any conventional HDD and many users just wouldn’t ask for more anyway.

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