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We will begin our Conclusion with the most exciting product in this review, the OCZ Vertex 2. Being the first SSD with a SandForce SD-1200 controller to be tested in our labs, it has proved to deliver excellent performance at loads typical of home computers. It is indeed very, very good. It is universal, too. In fact, we have not managed to find any flaws in it except that we did not see it deliver the specified read and write speeds in any of our tests. But we are ready to put up with that to have its high sequential speeds and very good performance in real-life applications. The lack of noticeable flaws in its firmware should also be mentioned.

As a result, we are proud to award OCZ Vertex 2 SSD with our Editor’s Choice title:

The low-capacity models are going to be interesting to many users who cannot afford the large ones. The Onyx, Solid 2 and Vertex Turbo are not so bad, after all. Yes, their sequential speeds are not very high, especially at writing, yet also not as low as to present any problems. Instead, these SSDs offer the main advantage of their class of devices: their extremely low response time at reading makes them excellent at any load with lots of requests with random or pseudo-random addresses. The Vertex Turbo is somewhat faster than the others, but also belongs to a more expensive series. The Onyx and the 30GB Solid 2 are roughly equal to each other, but the former is somewhat better at server loads while the latter, at operations with files and in home computer applications.

But if you can afford a large-capacity SSD, take it without thinking twice! Our today’s tests show that large-capacity SSDs are best at writing and mixed loads. They also have higher sequential speeds and better performance at server loads than their smaller-capacity counterparts.

We guess the only disappointment in this test session is the Colossus Lite. It didn’t show anything extraordinary in terms of performance, being often slower than same-capacity opponents, but proved to have high power consumption. However, it is possible that this SSD can only show its best in its maximum-capacity version: Colossus Lite is the only SSD series from OCZ to include a 1-terabyte model!

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