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Performance Tests

Sequential/Random Reading and Writing

We use Anvil's Storage Utilities 1.0.51 to measure random and sequential read and write speeds of our SSDs. The synthetic benchmark integrated into this software suite provides a great overview of the tested products by checking out their key speed characteristics. The results you will see here refer to the FOB performance (fresh out-of-box, i.e. non-degraded) of the SSDs. It must also be noted that we use incompressible data for this test.

We can see no performance feats from OCZ's new Vector 150 and Vertex 460 drives. They are actually very close to their predecessors. The controller being the same, the new flash memory and firmware cannot change the overall picture. So, like any other Barefoot 3 based products, the Vector 150 and Vertex 460 aren’t very fast at reading but leave most of their opponents behind at writing.

The updated Barefoot 3 platform delivers its best performance at random writing with no request queue. As the request queue gets longer, the Vector 150 and Vertex 460 start to lose their ground. When it comes to writing, the new SSDs from OCZ find themselves in the bottom half of the diagrams, losing not only to the recognized leader Samsung 840 Pro but also to the popular products with various Marvell controllers.

Comparing OCZ’s drives with Toshiba and Micron memory, the flagship model has become a little slower whereas the midrange Vertex 460, faster than their respective predecessors. It turns out that the differently priced SSD series from OCZ have got closer in terms of performance.

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