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OCZ Technology is currently in a pretty challenging financial situation. However, luckily, everything they have been going through lately didn’t affect the productivity of the company engineers. OCZ Technology’s RND team managed to design a promising product, which has a very good shot at leadership in the consumer SSD market. The new Vector offers unprecedented performance and competes successfully against the best contemporary SSDs, especially in those usage scenarios that require writing large amounts of data.

I have to say that Vector’s performance looks particularly impressive considering that it is built with popular synchronous flash-memory manufactured using 25 nm process. It means that Vector owes its high speed exclusively to the Barefoot 3 controller, which allows manufacturing not only very fast, but also relatively inexpensive solid state drives. This is exactly why this new product can potentially improve OCZ’s current situation. Vector’s production cost is low, but the manufacturer has every reason to position it as a high-end product. Especially, since attractive performance is not the only feature of an expensive product: Vector comes with 5-year warranty and is bundled with very interesting accessories including Acronis True Image HD utility.

In other words, the consumer qualities of the new OCZ Vector put it on the same level as Plextor M5 Pro and Samsung 840 Pro (though we haven’t yet reviewed this drive on our site). However, the price of the new OCZ product is considerably more appealing, which may become a determinative factor in Vector’s favor. In this case it is crucial to ensure that there won’t be any critical errors or endless firmware updates that could potentially ruin the awesome impression from this product. Time will show what happens, but this time the probability of any potential problems seems to be really low. OCZ performed extensive pre-sale testing of the new Vector drives and promised to take good care of their users and fans and not to subject them to any shockers.

Summing up all the results of our today’s test session we are proud to award the new OCZ Technology Vector drive with our Editor’s Choice title. OCZ Vector is one of the fastest SSDs with SATA 6 Gbps interface with unprecedented market potential.

Some time ago we started to fill in a summary table with test results of various SSDs. It contains basic hardware information about the tested SSDs and allows to quickly determine the general position of a particular model among its competitors in terms of relative performance:

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