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Patriot has slightly delayed the launch of their SandForce SSDF with synchronous ONFI flash memory, but we can’t come up with any objective reasons justifying this delay. Pyro SE, which falls right in the middle between the other two SSD families from Patriot, Wildfire and Pyro, turned out a very standard product built around SF-2281 controller. It doesn’t boast any unique flash memory chips or firmware optimizations. Therefore, the results of our performance tests also turned out quite predictable. We got another implementation of an “SF-2281 + synchronous memory” combination, which offers the same consumer features as other popular SSDs, such as OCZ Vertex 3, Corsair Force GT or Kingston HyperX.

However, it is more of a good thing than a bad one. Patriot Pyro SE won’t catch you unawares, as it features time-tested internal architecture and bug-free firmware. Its performance is at a very good level for contemporary SSDs, and the price is in many cases even more attractive than that of the competitors with popular brand names. In other words, if you are looking for a second-generation SandForce based SSD, then Patriot Pyro SE is a very good candidate. However, do not forget that there is no mounting kit for the 3.5-inch case bay included with the drive, and it is probably its most serious shortcoming.

Summing up everything we know about SandForce based drives, which we have tested in our lab, we continue adding to our “ranking chart”. Here all SSDs are split into groups according to their performance. Our experience suggests that there are four groups like that, which differ dramatically from one another in performance, but the drives within the groups are practically identical.

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