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Performance Analysis

Well, it is probably the first time I provide such detailed results. Very soon you will understand why :)

So, each test was run 10 times for each hard disk drive. Then the average results were taken for the diagrams:

Hitachi 7K250 finished the XP Startup trace faster than its competitors: maybe it is due to the drive’s low access time? The results of WD2500JB prove this point, too: WD2500JB boasts the highest access time of all the tested drives, and therefore, it fell significantly behind the competitors.

Hitachi 7K250 also managed to cope fastest of all with the Application loading trace, while Hitachi 180GXP arrive the last one, as it features the lowest data density among all the tested drives.

During files copying we got two evident leaders: Hitachi 7K250 and Maxtor 7Y250P0. They managed to leave Hitachi 180GXP and WD2500JB considerably behind. What is especially interesting, this result corresponds very well to what we have already discussed in our article called 7200rpm Hard Disk Drives Roundup: Major League, during file copy tests analysis. There was only one thing, which didn’t go well with the general picture, but I will dwell on it a little bit later.

During the General HDD Usage Hitachi 7K250 is ahead. Well, today is its benefit-night, I assume…

Other HDDs run very close to one another. Really close… Our testing participants have evidently shown very close results in some tests. Therefore, a question arises: do these results repeat often enough, for us to conclude that one drive is faster than the other? In other words, don’t you think we should check the dispersions?

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