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Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Quality Test with Different Media

I took several DVD discs to check how well the drives can burn DVD media. The discs were all recorded with Nero Burning Rom at the maximum possible speeds they were rated for by their manufacturers. The quality check was then performed in the Toshiba SD-R5472 drive at 4x speed.

As for the disc quality criteria, the ECMA standards for DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW media say that the total number of PI errors in 8 subsequent ECC blocks should not exceed 280. This is the first limiting value I will base my judgments upon. Then, an ECC block should not contain more than four irrecoverable PI errors (an irrecoverable PI error is referred to as PI failure by the CD-DVD Speed utility).

DVD discs that have no more than 280 PI errors per eight ECC blocks and 4 PI failures per one ECC block should be considered acceptable-quality media. Besides these criteria, you should also note how the errors are distributed along the surface of the disc. Of course, it is the worst situation when the errors exceed the acceptable limit on the entire surface. Single and short-time spikes of errors are less dangerous.

Digitex DVD+R 8x

Pioneer DVR-110D

Toshiba SD-R5472

A DVD+R 8x disc from Digitex is going to be tested first. The Toshiba SD-R5472 could only burn it at 4x, however. The screenshots above are indicative of high quality of both discs. The maximums of PI Errors and Failures are always within the acceptable ranges as described by the ECMA recommendations. The total number of errors is low on each disc, too. The quality of the disc recorded by the Pioneer DVR-110D is a little better than of the disc recorded by the Toshiba.


Pioneer DVR-110D

Toshiba SD-R5472

The drives couldn’t provide the same superb burn quality with the RIDATA discs as in the previous test. By the way, the Toshiba SD-R5472 could only burn this disc at 12x, and the Pioneer DVR-110D at 4x speed. Formally speaking, the quality of the disc recorded by the Pioneer DVR-110D is poor due to the unacceptably high level of PI Failures. Yet there are only two such spikes here, and the PI Failure rate is normal on the rest of the disc’s surface.

The RIDATA disc was better recorded by the Toshiba SD-R5472: the maximums of the errors of both types are much lower, just like their total number. The burn quality is also uniform throughout the entire disc.

TDK DVD+R 8x ScratchProof

Pioneer DVR-110D

Toshiba SD-R5472

This is how the drives processed the scratchproof medium from TDK. I can see no problems here. Both recorded discs have “uniform” burn quality throughout their surface and have much lower rates of PI Errors and Failures than it is required by the ECMA standards. Yet I must note that there are fewer errors on the disc recorded by the Toshiba SD-R5472 than on the Pioneer disc.

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