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We're going to cover the entire SSD line-up offered by Plextor. The following table provides additional information about components and technologies featured by different Plextor SSDs so that you could have an overall picture of the changes they have gone through over the last year.

As you can see, Plextor sticks to the Marvell+Toshiba formula, updating flash memory and controllers as soon as new versions become available. The M5S is the only exception, representing Plextor’s desire to release a more affordable product.

It is the lucky choice of platform that makes Plextor SSDs so successful, especially as there are currently no alternatives from other brands that would copy Plextor's SSD designs. Besides choosing component suppliers properly, Plextor takes care to polish off firmware. Plextor SSDs have never been criticized for critical firmware bugs.

Moreover, the presale thermal chamber testing that each Plextor SSD undergoes helps cull out problematic samples before they even reach retail stores. The average failure rate of Plextor SSDs is no higher than 0.6%, which is one of the best results in the whole industry.

Plextor Software

Besides well-optimized and bug-free firmware, Plextor programmers offer an exclusive service utility called PlexTool. Its functionality is limited to reporting basic information about the SSD, though.

The FW UPDATE and SECURE FORMAT tabs are hardly useful. When you try to update firmware, you just get redirected to the Plextor website whereas the Secure Format procedure can only be performed for external drives connected via USB.

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