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The 8x DVD+R from L-PRO isn’t satisfactory, either. The maximum of PI Failures doesn’t fit within the ECMA limits. The screenshot above shows that the acceptable burn quality on the most part of the disc surface is spoiled by the final stretch where there is a surge of errors of both types.

Sony DVD-R 16x

The second disc from Sony, this time a DVD-R, also couldn’t be written by the drive at its rated speed of 16x. Like with the other disc, only 4x speed was available. I guess the problem is in the drive’s firmware and may be corrected in future firmware updates. And of course, the burn quality we see here is different from what we would see if the disc had been recorded at its highest rated speed. The disc burned at 4x is blameless. The maximums of errors are far within the required limits. The burn quality is uniform throughout the entire surface.


The Plextor PX-750UF recorded the TDK DVD-R disc very well. The error-distribution diagrams show acceptable peaks of PI Errors and PI Failures. The top graph looks very impressive: the number of PI Errors there is close to the minimum you can ever hope to achieve in practice.

Verbatim DVD-R 16x

The Plextor PX-750UF doesn’t seem to like discs from Verbatim. The quality of this disc is non-uniform, and there are also unacceptably high peaks of PI Failures. It’s all normal with PI Errors from ECMA’s point of view, but we’ve seen better-quality discs above.

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