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The release of external DVD-recorders from Plextor is going to positively affect the market at large. I mean that tough competition is always good for the end-user as it leads to lower prices and better products. And people who stick to the Plextor brand can now buy an external drive from their favorite manufacturer.

And now I’ll try to sum up the pros and cons of the reviewed PX-750UF drive. The good comes first. The drive is nicely designed, especially if you like black-colored peripherals. Indisputably good is that the drive supports two interfaces, USB 2.0 and FireWire, giving you more connectivity freedom. The device supports all the media formats currently in use. The PX-750UF produced good discs in our burn quality tests, except for discs from Verbatim and for rewritable discs which are generally harder to burn well. On the other hand, it is clear that the drive’s firmware needs improvement as was indicated by the Sony discs which could not be recorded at their rated write speed. Another of the drive’s good points is its rich accessories typical of Plextor’s products, which include the functionality-enhancing utility PlexTools Professional. The drive’s accuracy at finding C2 errors must be acknowledged, too.

And now, some not quite pleasing facts. First, the price of the device is rather steep, traditionally for Plextor. Some users may want to consider cheaper alternatives. As for the hardware parameters of the device, there’s some confusion as to the CD processing speeds it supports. The different Plextor websites declare different speeds, but the speed of 40x it showed in our tests is quite sufficient for most users. The drive didn’t do too well in our audio-ripping tests. It has big read/write offsets (and the results of the tests do not coincide with what PlexTools reports) and couldn’t read the lead-in and lead-out zones. Some of the media I tried to burn in this drive proved to be of low quality, but as I mentioned above, this is probably due to some flaws in the drive’s firmware which will certainly be improved in the future.

So, that’s all we have to say about the PX-750UF external optical drive from Plextor whose market future is now entirely in your hands.

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