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This program was created by Intel developers to test external drives with network interface, i.e. NAS devices, which is reflected by the name of this utility. However, it turned out suitable for tests of any storage devices including flash-drives and SSDs. The only requirement is that the drive has a logical device letter assigned to it and is large enough to accommodate the set of test files.

The operational principles of this test are fairly simple. There is a set of files created on the tested drive and the test interacts with them with the help of special scenarios. All scenarios describe disk operations applied to the tested drive (file, shift, storage capacity and operation – read or write).

A standard set of tests includes the drive’s working as a streaming data source (HD Playback tests), file set read and write speed (similar to FC-Test) and the tests with self-explanatory names – Photo Album and Content Creation.

The logic behind these results is very simple. In those scenarios that need to perform a lot of writes, Samsung 470 easily outperforms all competitors. In those scenarios where reading is dominating, the Samsung SSD performance is not that impressive anymore and it loses to drives built on SandForce controllers. 

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